Why I'm Voting For Dionne Bussey-Reeder for At-Large Council

There are few people in our ward whose quiet and steady leadership looms large for us witness. I can’t think of a better person to vote for At-Large Council than Dionne Bussey-Reeder. Long before she became a council candidate or a successful businesswoman as the owner of the only sit down restaurant in Anacostia—Cheers—I knew Dionne as a servant leader for the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative where she led engagement and outreach efforts in our community. I saw up close her amazing work with families and children, many of whom were down on their luck or just needed a non-judgmental ear to listen. She was great at her job and I know she will be an even greater councilwoman.

When I first became a Commissioner in 2015, I asked MPD for extra resources to help families escape the violence plaguing our community. They decided to put those resources in other communities despite an increase in homicides and shootings in our area. Dionne learn out my unsuccessful efforts with MPD and reached out to offer the Collaborative’s help in providing a family fun day with resources for jobs, our seniors and youth. It is something we continue to do each year.


People have rightly questioned if Dionne will be a true independent voice on the council after receiving the endorsement of Mayor Bowser. I asked her one-on-one about this and she assured me the woman I see today is
the same warm, caring, smart, thoughtful and independent woman who put announced a run for council a year ago.

When you head to vote this election season, you’ll have two choices for council. I’m asking you to choose a candidate who has always chosen us.  I’m asking you to vote for Dionne Bussey-Reeder for At-Large Council.

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